Some movie chains around the world are starting to reactivate their activities, and in the absence of new releases, classic films are used with the intention of re-capturing the attention of the public. China , for example, in recent weeks it has started with exhibitions of ” Avatar “, a film directed by James Cameron which in 2009 managed to obtain the title of “the biggest turnover of all time”.

This appointment remained intact for ten years until the arrival of ” Avengers Endgame “, which after two years was again defeated by its predecessor thanks to the new commercial race in the Asian country, according to information from Deadline.

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The revival of ” Avatar ” brought with it an estimated amount of 58 million RMB (currency used in the people of the Republic of China ), or the equivalent of 8.9 million dollars, this amount would have allowed it to exceed the 7.2 million who ” End game ” Had an edge over the tape Cameron.

These calculations still do not include earnings for the rest of the week, an estimated length of time the tape will remain on screen. The current state of the collections of “Avatar ” A total of € 2,798,579,794 in dollars while “ Endgame ” is at € 2,797,501,328.

This morning, the creative team at Marvel Studios congratulated James Cameron and producer Jon Landau on claiming the title. Marvel’s Creative Director , Alan Horn, shared in a statement the following: “A big thumbs up from the teams at Marvel Studios Yes Walt Disney Studios , and thank you to fans around the world who lifted ‘ Avengers Endgame ‘ to heights. historical ”.

“Of course, even with the passage of a decade, the impact of Avatar from James Cameron he remains as powerful as ever, and the incredible achievements of the two films are a continuous proof of the power of film to move people and come together in a shared experience. “

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Until now, Marvel Studios has no plans for an official relaunch of “ Avengers: Endgame ,” focusing on its upcoming list of premieres across Disney + and the possibility of releasing its pending films in theaters when the conditions during the pandemic are more favorable.

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