The Athena Economacos speaks on “Tilerama” and Athena Zacharakis and clarifies that the “Come to my place” is a thing of the past for her.

Finally the shooting for you … Will you miss Faye?
“I think she closed her circle. I will miss our collaborators and our daily life, the family we had built during these 5 years, that we had an amazing time every day. I will miss this piece and not Faye as a role, because she made the circle She completed everything she had to give. I loved her, she loved me, we had a great time, but we did not need to pull it off. “As for the collaborators? I already miss them, even though I’re in the messages with them every day, because we had a great time, which obviously contributed to the success of the series.”

Which is coming to an end this season?
“I believe that” Ela stis thesi mou “has also closed its cycle and my assessment is that yes, it will be completed. Of course things change, but because my role, as we said, is over, if something really changes, I will not know immediately. So I will wait to see how time will finally bring them “.

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