A poll released by Piplsay on Tuesday suggests that nearly half of all American adults would back his candidacy. The poll found that 29 percent would support both Johnson for president and actor Matthew McConaughey, 51, for Texas governor, while another 17 percent would vote for Johnson’s run alone.

Understand policies

Johnson has been asked several times in recent years whether he was a candidate for the presidential election. In 2016, he told GQ magazine that he wouldn’t rule out a run, calling the idea of ​​being president “ enticing, ” noting there were “ lots of other things ” he’d like to do first. A year later, during an interview on The Ellen Show, Johnson said he was “seriously” considering running.

During a 2018 performance on ‘The Late Show’, Johnson told host Stephen Colbert that he is still ‘definitely’ considering a run. However, he said he should “ gain some experience and understand policy ” before launching his potential offer for the White House, citing the 2024 or 2028 elections as options.

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