Non-smart phones, less and less common in society.

Do you remember multifunction phones? Yes, yes, cell phones before smartphones entered our lives. 

Cell phones that were only used for calling, texting and playing snake .

These devices which, a few years ago, became fashionable among all the users who wanted to detox themselves from mobile addiction. These terminals that no one remembers today because there are some really cheap smartphones on the market that are a real delight .

Who remembers multifunction phones? Well nobody

No smartphone

Non-smartphones are becoming less common

As we read in SamMobile, the market for multifunction phones or also known as non-smartphones has shrunk compared to the previous year and honestly, that doesn’t have to be bad news .

For example, Samsung, which is the biggest company in the Android landscape , lost 2% in the non- smartphone market , something that in case you haven’t noticed, they don’t really care.

Because only it is only a matter of time before “multifunction phones” are completely gone as more and more users of all ages and from all countries (including emerging markets) turn to them. smartphones.

What is the reason why these devices are less and less present? Budget smartphones . While a few years ago buying cheap Android phones was practically suicide, today there are some fantastic alternatives for $ 100 or less. Many of these brands such as Xiaomi or realme are established in the market and make quality phones, so it is not worth buying a non-smart device.

In all, the market for these devices is down 24% year over year in Q4 2020 And although in many countries like India they still have their audience, the truth is that less and more fewer users bet on them.

Finally to this day, there is no excuse not to have a smartphone since even the cheapest models can, even with their limitations, last a few years without any problem. Not in vain, to call by phone and use applications like WhatsApp , it is also not necessary to spend 1000 euros on a smartphone.

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