A trailer for the new ‘Army of the Dead’ VR experience, which explores the zombie world created by Zack Snyder .

The new VR experience is based on the movie Snyder released on the Netflix platform last week.

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In the experience trailer titled, ‘Army of the Dead – Viva Las Vengeance’ users will be able to fight a horde of zombies from a taco truck, “Las Vegas has fallen” reveals the trailer, “We bring the helmets, you headshots. “

While the trailer was shared, it was announced that those who wish to participate in the experience will need to sign up on a waiting list to gain exclusive access. ‘Army of the Dead – Viva Las Vengeance’ will take place in real life in the cities of New York , Angels , DC Yes Las Vegas , while in the future other European cities will experience it.

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For now, ‘Army of the Dead’ is available on the Netflix platform after its scheduled premiere last week.

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