Emma Stone has been the center of attention for several months . Since it was known who will play Cruella de Vill in Disney’s new live-action, her name continues to rage, however, things got worse when the first trailer for this new movie came out.

It is that, when the first advance reached the networks, the fans did not take long to play the comparison between the feature film which will be starring Emma Stone with Joker , with Joaquín Phoenix. Both focus on the power of transition from a marginal character to a villain with overwhelming character and a tinge of quirk.

Emma Stone has been compared to Joaquin Phoenix.  Photo: (IMDB)
Emma Stone has been compared to Joaquin Phoenix. Photo: (IMDB)

However, in an interview with Total Films, the protagonist and her director, Craig Gillespie, made it clear that the similarities between one film and the other are the brainchild of viewers. “  He’s very different from Joker in a lot of ways. I would never compare myself to Joaquin Phoenix, not even from a distance. I would have liked to be more like him ”  Said Stone.

For his part, Gillespie underlined the differences between his film and that of Todd Phillips. “  Cruella faces some really deep and emotional things that transport her to her dark, evil side. The style of the film has a lot of absolutely charming pacing and chatter, which makes it very different from Joker. “, He assured.

Emma Stone referred to as Cruella.  Photo: (IMDB)
Emma Stone referred to as Cruella. Photo: (IMDB)

However, to verify that Stone and Craig are right, we’ll have to wait until May 28, when it is released. The film will be released in theaters and Disney Plus simultaneously.

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