Canadian indie rock band Arcade Fire has launched a new collaboration with the Headspace meditation app, which provides users with sounds of relaxation and focus. The band reportedly did a 45-minute song called “Memories of the Age of Anxiety.

This would be through a post on his official Instagram account in which the members of Arcade Fire describe this work as a set of “meditative vibrations to help the listener focus and feel inspired”.

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In that same Instagram post, the band tagged musician and songwriter John Legend, which implies some level of participation in the project. It is still not entirely clear if he played with the band on the subject or if he facilitated the collaboration with Headspace, since he is listed with the company as the chief music officer, according to the. site.

This is not the first environmental project launched by the group in recent months. Seven years after its creation, Arcade Fire finally succeeded in releasing in physical and digital format the soundtrack of “Her”, a film written and directed by Spike Jonze which won the Oscar in the category “Best Original Screenplay”.

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Hopefully Arcade Fire fans won’t have to wait too long for their next album. Win Butler, frontman and singer of the group, pointed out last October that they currently have enough material for two or three albums, although he hasn’t shown specific signs on when we can hear this new material.

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