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The audition process, especially when it comes to a high-investment production, is often a very exhausting process for actors interested in entering a franchise (or a passionate project from a dedicated director).

Either Tom Holland with Spider-Man or Robert Pattinson as Batman , selections for these types of films are usually accompanied by constant studio visits and discussions with executives, although there are rare exceptions where studios already have a predetermined vision of what they are looking for.

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One such case would be Anthony Mackie, who is currently in charge of playing Sam Wilson, who debuted in 2014 with “ Captain America: The Winter Soldier ”. Mackie would be one of the rare cases where an audition was not necessary for his role in the franchise, this according to Kevin Feige , President of Marvel Studios .

Ahead of the impending premiere of ”  The Falcon and the Winter Soldier  ” in Disney +, Feige was interviewed during a conversation with Variety regarding the first memory he had of Mackie . “The first experience was that he was the unanimous choice to play the character. He was only offered the role, in my memory, he did not audition ”.

The executive continued, “This has only happened a few times in Wonder. Mr. Mackie It was one of those times. I thought he would be great for the character. As we usually do, when we’re in audition, you choose for the immediate role at hand, which was Sam Wilson in ‘ The Winter Soldier ,’ but if all goes well, that can grow and evolve into something. many things. You want an actor who can do it all, which of course, Mackie He can ”.

Feige wo n’t comment on these other exceptions to studio auditions, noting that there would only be a few. For the good fortune of Feige and the other producers of the film, this would be an opportunity Mackie didn’t waste it.

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”  The Falcon and the Winter Soldier ” Will present to Sam Wilson Yes Bucky Barnes deeming it necessary to forge an alliance for their survival while they are on the run, since the government considers that Steve Rogers did not have the power to pass the role of Captain America at will.

Old allies like Sharon Carter will return to the franchise along with some enemies who will once again emerge from the shadows, such is the case with Baron Zemo , the man who managed to separate the Avengers series will premiere on March 19.

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