Triantaphyllos has become one of the most talked about players in Survivor and is discussed both inside and outside the survival reality show.

His former teammate, Anthi Salagoudi spoke to the camera of “Proinos” and referred to both the singer and her other teammates.

He initially said: “Seeing my performance in the races was the first thing that came to my mind, the coat. I was very sad about what was heard about my family. It is important and sacred. It was the moment when I strained the most. I did not want them to listen. and they some things and grieve “

For Pericles Kondylatos, he stressed that the circle between them was closed.

“When I saw what happened to the food, that everyone ate and he was excluded, I did not like him and I would never do it,” she said characteristically to “Proino”, however, she revealed that the singer was also blaming her for what he is accused of now.

Features said: “He never bribed me, but he accused me of buying players. Sofia had told me that”.

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