One of the most sought-after Hollywood actors, Matt Damon, sold his mansion in Los Angeles, making New York his main place of residence.

A gorgeous home next to the ocean went for $ 18 million to the CEO of Warner Bros. Ann Sarnoff and her husband, also a successful businessman, reports The Hollywood Reporter .

The actor was far from the first among American celebrities who preferred life outside sunny California. The massive exodus has been driven by skyrocketing taxes, annual wildfires and a catastrophic influx of homeless people.

One of the most striking examples was the billionaire Elon Musk, who sold out real estate and moved all production of his Tesla companies from California to Texas and other states. Big influencers such as Ben Shapiro and Joe Rogan followed suit. The latter became one of the main mouthpieces of the general exodus from the “golden state”.

Other escapes from sunny LA include Marvel stars Mark Ruffalo and Chris Pratt, Lord of the Rings legend Elijah Wood, actresses Sandra Bullock, Julia Roberts. It is worth noting that not only celebrities are leaving the state, but also ordinary people tired of difficult conditions.

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