Anna Kendrick is slated to star in Rodney & Sheryl for Netflix, a real crime drama based on the story of Cheryl Bradshaw, a contestant who unwittingly won a date with a serial killer while appearing on a game show in 1978. Netflix has smashed the package, which is to be directed by Chloe Okuno, who takes a dramatic look at how Rodney Alcala appeared and won the popular show The Dating Game amid a murder spree that included five women and the attempted murder of a 12 year old girl.

Snippets of the show are available on YouTube, and you can watch them below to see how scary it all is once you know what Alcala was capable of. You can also get a feel for who Anna Kendrick will be portrayed in True Life Crime Tale.

Bradshaw questioned the killer in an attempt to determine which candidate she wanted to go on a date with, including asking, “I’ll serve you for dinner.” What is your name and what are you like? Alcana replied that he was “a banana” and that he looked good. When prompted to elaborate, he replied, “Peel me” to the audience’s laughter. The joke, and others, was enough for Bradshaw to select him as his man. The film will focus on the recording of the show and the events that unfolded around it.

As per the rules of The Dating Game , picking Alcala as its winner meant Bradshaw would go on a date with him, luckily for her under chaperone, but said she was put off by his weird vibes. You would guess it came from the blood on her hands and the potential that under other circumstances she could have become one of his many victims. While it seems unthinkable that such a thing would happen now, the screening done by researchers for the show at the time was more than a little lacking, and without the right background checks it was seemingly straightforward for the show. Alcala’s past to remain unknown to some. time later.

After being arrested and sentenced to death in 1980, Alcala made numerous appeals in the years that followed, but hundreds of photos and memorabilia found in a locker suggested there were many more victims than the police did. had not discovered. As DNA technology progressed over the following decades, detectives were able to attribute a total of around 130 murders to Alcala, whose death penalty was indefinitely postponed to 2019 when California suspended all cases of the death penalty. The killer is now in state prison in Corcoran, California, with no chance of ever being released.

The film’s screenplay, by Ian MacAllister-McDonald, was on the 2017 Blacklist, an industry-voted collection of the most buzz-worthy scripts that were not picked up for production, which in the past included the Oscar runner directed by Spielberg. , The Post Office , as well as The Wolf of Wall Street, Social Network and Lambs Lions to name a few. With a few big movies coming from entries on the roster, Netflix could once again have won gold with this one.

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