Needless to say, Angelina Jolie is one of the busiest figures in the film industry today. In addition to various projects as a producer, the actress is awaiting the release of “Eternals,” a film in which she will make her MCU debut under the direction of Oscar winner Chloe Zhao.

However, this isn’t the only big franchise that Jolie is a part of. Jolie is still celebrated by “Tomb Raider” fans for playing Lara Croft in the video game’s first film adaptation in 2001 and its sequel “The Cradle of Life” in 2003, elevating her action hero status.

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Despite the enormous success these films presented to audiences and critics and the fact that they elevated her career as a Hollywood star, it is a real surprise to learn that Angelina Jolie was about to turn down the role because she saw him as a character that didn’t suit her.

Jolie is the kind of actress who tries to do as many stunts as possible in each of her action tapes, which can be seen in “Those Who Want Me to Die”, her latest film. Through a recent interview on Collider, the actress acknowledges that this aspect of her work is due to Tomb Raider.

“When I first did Tomb Raider, I was three months old. I wasn’t sure I wanted to make the movie until they told me. I said, “I really don’t feel like the character is right for me. “At first I didn’t want to do it, but they told me I could travel the world and train with the British Army and I had three months to see what I could do,” Jolie commented. .

Jolie notes that she would encourage anyone to make those kinds of decisions in her career. “Sign as much as you can, give yourself a few months, push yourself to the limit and see what you can do and you will find that there is a lot in you that you didn’t know and some very crazy things that you. will be able to, you will love it, ”he said.

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Angelina Jolie concludes that the more special effects a movie has, the more important it is to do your own stunts, because somehow audiences can always make a difference.

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