Actress Angelina Jolie was not enough divorce from Brad Pitt, she, as it turned out, longed to take revenge in full. So, the celebrity demanded that the FBI arrest her ex-husband.

A turning point in the relationship of the star couple a few years ago was a scandal on the plane, after which Jolie wrote a statement to her lover. Then its contents were kept secret, now it was possible to find out the details. So, the actress said that the drunken husband poured a bottle of beer on her head, roughly grabbed her by the shoulders, shook her several times, and then hit and pushed so that she injured her elbow. Angry Jolie sought arrest, reports TMZ.

Despite the fact that the drama played out in 2016, the former lovers still cannot leave each other alone. So, the next stage of their litigation was the winery, which Pitt and Jolie cannot share in any way.

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