After Eleni Menegaki , does Eleonora Meleti “move” to Mega ?

There are many scenarios that want Eleonora Meleti to complete her collaboration with Alpha and look elsewhere for TV coverage, specifically in the “Grand Canal”.

According to what Natalia Andrikopoulou mentioned in “Ela Hamogela”, the famous presenter who undoubtedly had a rather difficult year, given the successive changes that took place in her show, seems to be in the “sights” of Mega, in order to undertake an infotainment broadcast.

So the prevailing scenario wants Eleonora Meleti to be back in the morning zone, every day, but with an infotainment magazine in zone 9-11, which will be the “bridge” between the previous news magazine and the next one that will be entertaining.

The journalist even talked about “moving sand” referring to how exactly the zones will be formed, as Danae Barka still has a contract with the station without having yet finalized what exactly she will do next season, while let’s not forget the arrival of Eleni Menegaki, which will be in the zone we have become accustomed to in recent years.

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