Another male member of the royal family was caught cheating on his wife. The scent of other people’s women constantly haunts the royal dynasty: at one time, Prince Charles was caught in the “partying”, and then they started talking about Prince William’s betrayal.

Only Harry on the Web is called “the faithful dog” for the reason that he “always sits at Megan’s feet.”

Recently, the paparazzi caught 35-year-old Jack Brooksbank, the husband of Princess Eugenie, flirting with other girls on a yacht near Italy.

Jack rested with models Maria Bucellati and Erica Pelosini, as well as ex-editor of the gloss Rachel Zalis. Erica walked in front of a man in a towel, periodically throwing it off and showing her bare breasts. Brooksbank behaved at ease: laughed, swam and hugged girls.

At that moment, his wife was not next to Jack, because it was planned that the trip would become a working one. Brooksbank flew in to the Unicef ​​Gala Dinner as a spokesman for one of the event’s sponsors. He was supposed to keep an eye on the bar and chat with guests of honor, but instead found himself surrounded by beautiful ladies, according to the Mirror .

Now the British are predicting divorce for the spouses. Many are sure: Eugene will not forgive such a turn.

“This is a scandal! Nobody expected this from Jack for sure “,” While his wife is not around … How ugly “,” It is not enough for the royal family to have problems with Megan and Harry, so also Jack is now behaving disrespectfully “,” It’s a good business trip “,” Why is he is there the only man besides the skipper? It all looks very suspicious, ”they agreed.

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