Miranda Priestley. In The Devil Wears Prada, Miranda Priestley is the editor of an influential fashion magazine. This is a “devil in a skirt” with an unbearable character and lofty ambitions in the constant search for an assistant.

None of the assistants could stand her character. Although the conditions were quite promising: anyone who can work for a year with Miranda Priestley will find work in any New York edition. But is the game worth the candle, because personal happiness is at stake. And Miranda’s life is the best example of this.

Iren Adler. In the detective novel “Sherlock Holmes” Irene Adler is a cunning criminal with a noble appearance. In the past, she was even able to charm Holmes himself.

But now she weaves her intrigues, trying to distract Holmes from the main business. Throughout the film, Irene Adler is the standard bitch with a charming face. They lie, manipulate, intrigue, create life-threatening situations, betray. And in this she is great.

Annie. The film “Finished” is about a girl who works as a waitress during the day and dances striptease at night. But the usual sweet girl Annie wants to become a hitman.

She sweeps away in her path all who interfere with her, and goes to her goal, stepping over everyone. A real bitch hides behind a charming appearance.

Harlene Quinzel. Birds of Prey: The Fascinating Story of Harley Quinn is a day in the life of Harley Quinn. After breaking up with his lover, Harley had to face the mafia.

Lonely and vulnerable, she is forced to fight for her life. Harley meets three female warriors and together they declare war on the mafia. And what could be more dangerous than four bitches led by a charming sociopath.

Olympiad. The mother of Alexander the Great in the film “Alexander” is madly in love with her son. But the love of the Olympics is also selfish.

The woman is distinguished by an obstinate character and a proud disposition. She does not want to obey her husband and tries to persuade her son Alexander to her side. Sacrificing people for the sake of her ambitions is no stranger to her.

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