Amber Heard She’s one of today’s actresses who is dividing viewers over her legal dispute with ex-husband Johnny Depp who had a new episode in London court on Thursday. Since it was announced “Zack Snyder’s Justice League” much of the public has requested that the actress not be present in the film which premiered on March 18, but later it was confirmed on band . According to comments on the networks, has been the most criticized of the cut .

The anger of followers of the Jack Sparrow interpreter has its roots when the actor sued for domestic violence , which responded with a new libel suit that will be tried in April 2022. This increased after Warner Bros. Fire Depp from the ‘Fantastic Beasts  saga , but continued to benefit from Heard’s services .

Before the launch of the Snyder Cup , amber differentiates this version from the 2017 version: “We reunited with Mera after the Queen had left a long time ago and having been raised to be Queen all her life. She is totally dedicated to saving her kingdom and this serves as a momentum to surface and ask for help. Arthur (Aquaman), who is the pole totally opposite to her  .

While there have been messages in favor of his portraying, Amber Heard has been the most criticized of Zack Snyder’s cut in “The Justice League,” as many expected not to see him, but he appears in various important sequences of the film and Twitter users have not forgiven him, being the most targeted in terms of negative aspects of the film.

It is clear that in the legal battle with Johnny Depp she is losing to her ex-husband’s supporters, but at the moment he has the support of the producer , despite the firing rumors that emerged a few weeks ago and have been denied by Warner Bros., although they say they are pressuring her to quit. It is a story that will continue and that does not seem to have an end in the near future.

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