Amber Heard did indeed cut her role in Aquaman, one Warner Bros. boss confirms. Walter Hamada.

According to the filmmaker, the domestic violence lawsuit, in which Heard was involved, did not affect the actress’s screen time in any way. As Hamada said, the actor Jason Momoa did not have the necessary acting “chemistry” with Amber Heard, i.e. she just didn’t fit the role. Indeed, according to the plot of the film, they should have romantic love, but in reality they are more like old friends.

By the way, earlier, Momoa publicly stood up for Heard.

“They didn’t have chemistry on set. In the first film, they were able to artificially make their relationship “work”, but we had concerns that it took too much effort for them. You will understand when you look – there was no “chemistry” there, ”Walter Hamada told People .

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