Star of “Agents of A.N.K.L.” and “Ex Machina” Alicia Vikander was not happy when she reached the peak of fame. Some aspects of the life of a celebrity turned out to be hard to come to terms with. However, the actress’s complaints were considered insincere.

Before meeting Michael Fassbender, it was not easy for Vikander to be constantly away from his family. She was saved only by the opportunity to sometimes call friends.

“When I was at the height of my fame, I was the saddest. I kept telling myself, “Take it. It’s incredible.” But I didn’t know what to do. There were all those first class flights, five star rooms. But I was always alone, ”said the star in an interview with The Sunday Times .

She explained that filmmaking comes with loneliness. Actors are forced to work for a long time, not being able to come home, hear the standard “how are you” and chat with loved ones.

“In cases where my colleagues go through something, I don’t understand how they then go to the red carpet,” complains the tired of the double life of the star Vikander.

However, the actress’s complaints did not find a response from journalist Denis Sorokin . In his opinion, any public person understands that he no longer belongs to himself. Vikander should have been prepared for this from the start.

“If an actress says that she goes out to people and it’s hard for her, then she lies. If all this was unbearable to her, then she would not become an actress. There are two types of stars. Such as Buzova and Borodina. Don’t feed them bread, let them run their social networks and mark every step there. For them, it’s a thrill. And there are artists like Allegrova and Leontiev who keep everything to themselves, ”Sorokin explained in an interview with News.

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