It seems that Christina Aguilera does not respond to criticism at all. While fans are discussing her plump post-divorce figure, she announces a new music video.

In the social network, Aguilera posted a 13-second video with frames of the future clip. Judging by the video, the creators are trying to take viewers into a mysterious mystical world. The footage shows snakes, blood, skulls, and Aguilera looks scared.

“The video will be released on Friday,” Christina signed the post.

Star subscribers responded with joy to the announcement.

“Gorgeous magic! I look forward to the full version”, “Horror, I’m already scared!”, “It will be a living hell!”, “It’s great that Christina continues to create,” the followers wrote.

The video will be called Sueltame, which means “let me go” in Spanish. 
Earlier, the Network  discussed in detail how the figure of Aguilera changed after the divorce.

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