With Loki’s premiere at Disney +, Marvel has once again seen great success. The series , which has Tom Hiddleston as the exclusive protagonist, he is part of Phase Four of the MCU and tells the true story of what happened to his character after The Avengers ended, when he disappeared with the tesseract that the most famous superheroes in the world have tried to greatly protect.

There are already two chapters of Loki released on Disney +, and next Wednesday, June 23, the third will arrive to continue with the most terrible God of Asgard in his fight for freedom. So much so that every week Tom Hiddleston he is responsible for promoting his own work and, in fact, this is what he again put on everyone’s lips since now he has ceased to be a secondary character for become the main protagonist.

In fact, this phase of the MCU is so successful that those in it have shifted their careers to the top. However, this series will have one shortcoming: it wo n’t explore the number of languages ​​Hiddleston knows and it just might give Thor’s brother an unexpected twist, which is characterized by his friendly rebellion.

The most rebellious god of Asgard.  Photo: (Disney +)
The most rebellious god of Asgard. Photo: (Disney +)

The actor has spoken a variety of languages ​​since, in addition to studying at Eton College with, for example, Prince William of England when he reached adulthood. perfected in French, Spanish, Italian, Latin and Greek . Although more than once he has clarified that, for example, the Spanish language understands it more than he speaks it, the others if he masters them perfectly.

In addition, in several interviews, journalists took the opportunity for Tom Hiddleston to demonstrate your different skills in these languages. That’s why his character, Loki , could take him forward in a unique way by giving the series something that sets it apart, not to mention the plot, from those previously released as WandaVision and The Falcon and The Soldier of winter .

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