After the release of “Prometheus”, director Neil Blomkamp was developing a new sequel to the “Alien” saga under the orders of 20th Century Fox, to which the studio would have given the green light for its production, just for the filmmaker to l ‘admit. . in 2017 that it had been put on hold and that the project gave no indication of continuing anytime soon.

Despite this dark scenario, the artist Geoffroy Thorens would have made some pieces of conceptual art that Blomkamp himself shared on his social networks. About seven images would be the only glimpse we would get of the director’s vision in the saga, so far.

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Recently, new glimpses of this work were revealed thanks to AvP Galaxy, which pointed out that Thorens’ page on ArtStation features more concept art from the film . Full details of the film’s plot have yet to be revealed, as Blomkamp is reportedly only revealing a few clues in some of his interviews.

One of the biggest twists in these new footage is the presence of Hicks and Newt, who passed away at the start of “Alien 3,” meaning Blomkamp would have rewritten the events that happened in this episode, which is considered to be the most controversial and irregular in the franchise so far.

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There are some indications that this new story would have featured a trip back in time, due to certain details revealed about the ending of the movie “The Predator” from the year 2018 in which it was revealed this year that it was on. point to introduce Newt and Ripley, and that some footage would have been filmed under the direction of Shane Black, although it was ultimately ruled out.

Ties between the “Alien” and “Predator” franchises have not been uncommon in recent years, although their big-screen futures seem so far in limbo. Currently, “Alien” will present its own series for Hulu.

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