Alexandra Panagiotarou and Stathis Schizas gave an interview to the magazine “OK!” and talked about their relationship, but also about J2US and how they experienced it.

Alexandra, you watched him non-stop. Did Stathis do the same when you competed on Just the 2 of Us, where you won?

Stathis: What do you mean, if I watched her? I was still with her.

Alexandra: He was very supportive. There was a notorious jeep then – Stathis’ jeep – and they said “Alexandra comes and goes in a golden jeep. We don’t know who’s in it”. It had tinted windows and they couldn’t see who was hiding inside. He was by my side during all the J2US live performances and of course in the final.

Stathis: In the final I did a pack of cigarettes in one hour. I was more anxious than Alexandra. And that’s because I had experienced it so intensely with her.

Alexandra: We were at home, mind you, and she watched me dance and sing all the time. I can tell you that back then our relationship progressed very quickly because he was watching me squirm. She didn’t see me like everyone else, dressed and painted on stage, but at home in my pajamas rehearsing.

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