On the first day of 2022, a special episode entitled “Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: ​​Return to Hogwarts” awaits all fans of the cult franchise on HBO Max. The audience’s favorites will meet 20 years later and return to the school of wizards.

Not only potter fans, but also the heroes themselves are waiting for this event. The performer of the role of Hermione, actress Emma Watson, published a touching post on her Instagram dedicated to the anniversary release of the film franchise.
“Harry Potter was my home, family, world, and Hermione was my favorite fictional character. Once in an interview, a journalist told me that he was annoyed, that I constantly talk about how lucky I was. But damn it, it really was. And I am still sure of that, ”she wrote.
Emma Watson also admitted that she is proud of the rest of the actors, who, like her, grew up along with the story of Harry Potter and always remain good friends.
Finally, the actress thanked the fans, who, even after the release of the last part in 2011, remained loyal to their heroes.
“This magical world would not exist without you. Thank you for fighting to keep it so inclusive and filled with love, ”she concluded.


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