Marina Patouli’s statements after being discharged from the hospital were commented on “Happy Day”, with the tension rising between Stamatina Tsimtsili and Costas Fragolias.

Initially the presenter said: “As a woman I see another woman who is in the phase of awareness and goes through different stages. In one interview her anger comes out, in the other her grief, in the other she wants other people to identify with her. Now it is like to have matured a little and to have accepted inside her what has happened “.

Then Costas Fragolias took the floor and said: “When the man works for both of them and provides almost everything to his wife and she makes a conscious choice to be next to her husband and we get to the point I want everything and only then I’m fine…”

With Stamatina Tsimtsili answering that: “At 50 to do a restart without experience and previous service and looking to make a living, is difficult.”

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