The new secular exit of the singer Billie Eilish reminded the fans why they so actively hounded the vocalist all this time. The other day, a celebrity presented to the audience a new album, which managed to break all the charts long before its release.

The other day, Eilish threw a secular party in honor of the next musical event. Billy herself, who had previously assured that she would never position herself as a sexy body, appeared before the public in a rather defiant way.

Billy posed for photographers in a burgundy corset, from which, it seemed, at any moment a magnificent bust could fall out, and in black trousers.

True fans, who were with Billy at the very beginning of her journey, hastened to call Eilish to conscience.

“Body again. A lot of body ”,“ When will it end ”,“ Give a word and then take it back – it’s Billy herself ”,“ How many exposures can you ”,“ Maybe enough already? ”,“ Oh, this breast, which will now go down down, “they wrote.

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