It seems that the J.K. Rowling scandal will not end soon. This time the author of “Harry Potter” was accused of anti-Semitism – hatred of Jews. Here’s why. 

American TV presenter, actor and comedian John Stewart stated in his own podcast that the goblins from Gringotts Bank are a caricature of Jews. He believes that the similarities between goblins and cartoons are obvious, although sometimes it is not striking. According to him, he showed acquaintances a caricature of Jews from the anti-Semitic book “The Protocols of the Zionist Elders”, but his people thought it was something “from Harry Potter.”

John also drew attention to the fact that Harry Potter is a universe where you can fly on a broomstick or on dragons, “but who will run the bank? Jews “.

Still from "Harry Potter"
Still from “Harry Potter”

By the way, Rowling had been accused of anti-Semitism before. In 2020, Pete Davidson on Saturday Night Live said, “I started thinking about the fantasy world she created. Forests are controlled by centaurs, schools are run by wizards and ghosts. But who controls the banks? Jews, of course! Little big-nosed Jewish goblins. “

Recall that earlier Joan was accused of transphobia , and all because of the article about menstruation, which she commented on on her Twitter. “People who are menstruating. I’m sure there is already a word for these people. Someone help me. Womans? Zhainschinki? Rugged breeders? ” – she wrote.

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