The two console makers Sony and Microsoft are currently competing with the PS5 and Xbox Series X for gamer favor. It looks like the front of the athletic shoe: Nike or Adidas is the question . Anyone for a PS5 has decided that Nike introduced theirs a few days ago new line of sneakers in the next-gen console design.

Now, Microsoft is intensifying and provides new sneaker Xbox how to Series X Console German sports manufacturer Adidas. Players and fans can choose from several models: ”  Forum Tech Boost ” As well as various ” Forum Mid Basketball ” Models are still for this fall planned.

A first look at the new sneakers reveals a black design based on the new game console , flanked by a matching Xbox logo. In addition, the shoe contains Cushioning Boost in the mesh design of the console.

When should sneakers appear? The new Adidas sneakers for the Xbox Series X are expected to appear in October and November. Rumor has it that some of the new models may already be released this summer, but this has yet to be confirmed. In addition, the sporting goods maker is planning new models of Xbox Adidas sneakers for 2022.

How much do the new Xbox shoes cost? A specific release date for the new Xbox sneakers has yet to be set. When presenting the cool new designs, no specific price was given for the pair of shoes. For the Nike PS5 sneakers we assume a price of 120 € per pair outside. Here, the ideas of Adidas and Microsoft are likely to be on the same level.

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