It all started when Maria Iliaki, after her appearance on the show of Eleonora Meleti, wanted to go through “Pame Danai”.

So, a few minutes after the start of the show, the presenter of the MEGA lunch zone asked where Boukia finally lives, the puppy recently adopted by Timos Zacharatos but … Danae Barka fell in love.Remaining Time-0:00FullscreenMute

“I want to know in which house Boukia finally lives” Maria Iliaki initially said to receive Danae Barka’s answer: “Do you see my stories? So where do you see Boukia? You said it all yourself!”┬ámeaning that the Bite follows her in every step.

“It’s mine” commented Timos Zacharatos, while Danae Barka hastened to add that he complained to her that everyone believes that Boukia is her dog and not his.

However, the best attack came from Giorgos Krikorian, who said: “Maria, you did not do your thing. Why can Boukia stay in the house of Timo and Danae without necessarily talking about a different house”. Then, Danae Barka laughed and said: “Are we proud of the transfer? Do you hear me from above?”.

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