We all know her as a singer, but Adele would now also like to start acting. Ever since she showed her comedic talent in ‘Saturday Night Live’ she has been inundated with offers. And the British would be more than happy to go into that. She receives support from her record company. “Adele’s label would do anything to make her happy,” it sounds in MailOnline. She’s gonna get too busy Because they need her in the studio for a new hit album It’s a tricky situation They want to help her open some doors, but then again they want her to just keep hits to make.” 

The fact that the singer lost a lot of weight last year only plays to her advantage, it sounds further. “It may be sad, but in Hollywood a slim figure is still an advantage. Then you will be offered a wider spectrum of film roles. So Adele’s weight loss could be a sign that she is ready to face the camera. ” 

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