Adam Levine

Singer Adam Levine is mired in a family scandal. Western tabloids claim that the lead singer of Maroon 5 was unfaithful to his wife, but the story has even more shocking details.

According to the Marca edition , blogger and model Sumner Straw said that she is the mistress of a popular artist. The couple allegedly met for about a year and constantly corresponded. At the same time, just the other day, Levin’s wife Behati Prislu announced her third pregnancy.

Straw assured that she came out of the shadows solely out of good intentions. Someone previously leaked their correspondence with the singer to the Network, she decided not to play up and reveal the truth. Among the leaked messages, journalists found very curious ones.

“Important question. I will soon have another child. If it’s a boy, I’d like to name him Sumner. You do not mind? I’m serious,” the caring Adam asked his friend.

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