the Left for dead the series has never made its way onto the PlayStation platforms (Back 4 Blood essentially rectifies this), but if you’ve ever wanted to play one of the four classic characters from the first game , you now have luck. The big PS Plus April 2021 Zombie Army 4: Dead War line-up freebie was updated today with a free content pack that lets you play as Bill, Francis, Louis and Zoey. UK and EU users can download the content pack here, while US readers should use this link.

The PS Store listing cautions, “Please note that Left 4 Dead characters do not ship with character voices, players must select a pre-existing voice to play as those characters. So they’re basically just skins, but it’s Bill and Francis right there! Awesome stuff. The list also refers to this content as “Character Pack 1,” so maybe there will be more to come. Coach, Ellis, Nick and Rochelle from Gauche 4 dead 2 , nobody?

The Free Character Pack is now available with more post-launch content for Zombie Army 4: Dead War, including a new playable mission and additional cosmetics. That means outfits, headgear, and weapon sets for seasoned gamers.

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