n October 21, 2021, while filming The Rust, Alec Baldwin fired a prop revolver, which turned out to be loaded. The actor fatally wounded cameraman Galina Hutchins. In addition, director Joel Sousa was injured. On the eve it became known that Baldwin did not act according to the script.

According to Variety , Rust Script Assistant Mamie Mitchell has filed a lawsuit against Alec Baldwin, assistant director David Halls, gunsmith Hannah Gutierrez-Reed and several production companies in Los Angeles. The lawsuit states that the script for the scene during which the cameraman was killed did not require shooting.

Mitchell explains his lawsuit with the physical and mental suffering suffered at the time of the tragedy. According to the assistant director, she was next to Baldwin when he shot. At first, she felt pain in her ears, and then she was horrified by the realization of what had happened on the set.

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