JK Rowling, best known for her Harry Potter series, has decided to make a new contribution to children’s literature. The story is ready, and it is inspired by a long-standing incident from the life of the writer. Her son David loved the piggy toy, but he often hid it and always forgot where it was.

To solve the problem, Rowling bought a second toy of the same type. And after a while the original toy was frayed, but the second, which looked like new, did not receive the same love from the child. The writer told the Dailymail about this case .

Rowling decided to translate this into a children’s story. She had the idea for a long time, but she only had enough time to write during self-isolation.

The novel came out under the name “Christmas Pig”, it has already been presented in one of the Waterstones stores in London. In Russia, you can buy a book for at least 583 rubles, but you have to order it in online stores. Illustrated by Jim Field.

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