Johnny Depp thanked fans for their support.

After the victory in the court over Amber Heard, Johnny Depp returns to his usual life. The Hollywood actor has become more active in social networks and even registered on TikTok.

In the first hour, he gained a million subscribers, and by now there are already eight million. Depp’s signature on his personal page is also noteworthy – “Random dramatic actor.”

So far, there is only one video in the profile of the Pirates of the Caribbean star, but this was enough to collect a lot of enthusiastic comments and more than five million views.

The video is assembled from several video clips of fan support outside a courthouse in Virginia, USA, as well as a performance with guitarist Jeff Beck in London. The artist also thanked everyone who supported him in the legal confrontation with his ex-wife.

“We were together everywhere, we saw everything together. We walked the same path together. We did the right thing together, and all because we cared, ”said the actor.

It seems that Johnny Depp has far-reaching plans. He stressed that he was ready to move on. His victory is already reflected in the sales of Dior fragrances. Who knows, maybe soon the actor will return to the iconic role of Jack Sparrow?

“They are the faces of several charitable foundations and are constantly seen in noble deeds,” Makarov recalled. “I think it’s just a business story.”

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