Those who have experienced it have stated that it was the worst thing that happened to them. The joy of the first positive pregnancy test almost instantly follows the grief of the loss, because even if you have not hugged, seen or smelled your baby, it does not mean that you have not felt it, you have not heard it, you have not love. The women who followed, found the strength to share with the public the unpleasant experience of a miscarriage, which for you who are reading it right now may be what you need to hear, to regain your strength, to mourn your empty arms. and remember that the best days are ahead.

Sissy Christidou

The announcement was made by the then husband of the presenter, Thodoris Marantinis, who with unspeakable sadness in 2016 had given the public the unpleasant news.

Stamatina Tsimtsili

The presenter and mother of three children, on the occasion of the unfortunate incident with Sissy Christidou, had admitted on the air of her show that in the past she herself had lost two fetuses.

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