Some pieces of our wardrobe hold a special place, while they are often present in our daily lives. These are those clothes and accessories that are characterized by stylistic flexibility, comfort, high quality and timelessness, giving us countless opportunities to use them. Among them, the dresses stand out, which prevail in our wardrobe during both the cold winter months and the hot summer months. Between the two seasons, the transitional periods, the dresses of each season can be worn in such a way as to adapt to the ever-changing weather conditions. The mini dress will be worn with a top inside and boots during the fall and the maxi airy winter dress will be worn with sandals and without a coat in the spring.

With dresses the choices are really limitless. However, today we will focus mainly on those that are intended for this period and more specifically the designs chosen by Greek celebrities. Through their Instagram accounts they deliver style lessons and we gathered the ones that concerned summer dresses. Below, then, you will find 7 proposals worn by Tonia Sotiropoulou, Ioanna Maleskou, Stamatina Tsimtsili, Gina Alimonou, Marietta Chrousala, Katerina Keinourgiou and Eliana Chrysikopoulou.

From morning to night and from everyday life to your formal appearances, these are the ideal dress proposals for this season, which bring the vote of confidence of Greek celebrities. You will discover a variety of designs, fabrics and colors for every hour of the day.

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