Animation artists often paint the main characters as similar to the people who will subsequently voice them. It helps the actors better fit into the character, and it looks pretty funny. Sometimes this similarity is discovered quite by accident. We show and remember which of the cartoon characters modern celebrities look like.

Gary Oldman as Sirius Black from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is ​​surprisingly similar to Scar from The Lion King. They even look almost the same: with a sense of their superiority and confidence that they know some very important secret.

Natalie Dormer with her hair on one side is fantastically similar to the heroine of the cartoon “Ralph”. If the producers were puzzled by the release of a full-length film about a virtual thug, then the best performer for the role of a brave sergeant, perhaps, would not be found.

Nikolai Koster-Waldau is the spitting image of Prince Charming from “Shrek” (although the Basque would still compete with him). It is noteworthy that both the hero and the actor from “Game of Thrones” even have the same styling.

Chris Hemsworth reminded the audience very much of Captain John Smith of Pocahontas. Both have long blonde curls, a strong-willed chin and a muscular body.

Cher is the real mother of Gothel. In the original, the insidious witch who pretended to be Rapunzel’s real mother was voiced by Donna Murphy, but if Cher wanted, she could take on this role.

If the cartoon “Aladdin” was decided to be filmed in a new way, then Snoop Dogg, if desired, could play the role of the main anti-hero – the vizier Jafar. At least the rapper has already successfully mastered the proprietary villainous look.

But it is no coincidence that Aladdin and Tom Cruise are similar – the creators of the project specifically added some of the actor’s features to the character. Thanks to this, the hero began to look more masculine and more attractive to potential fans.

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