While the pop diva happily tries on her wedding dress, her fiancé seems to be up to something.

Sam Asgari strongly supported Britney Spears while she was under the tutelage of a tyrant father. He was not seen in any scandal with treason. Immediately after their release, Sam and Britney announced their engagement. The couple touches hundreds of thousands of fans – not a groom, but a dream!

But other fans of Britney are very worried about her. They think that the pop princess needs to be more careful with Asgari. And recently, more and more people hold this opinion.

There is very little left before the wedding. The couple will enter into a marriage contract. Sam decided to make a “small” addition to it. He wants to be paid $ 5 million after the divorce for one year he lived with the star.

But that was not Asghari’s only demand. He wished that after the divorce, custody of the child was fully issued to him. What do these requirements mean? Does Britney’s fiancé not trust her? Or is it just a gigolo, and the singer is in danger again? Britney herself, by the way, has not yet commented on the groom’s unusual demand, reports OK! .

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