The sequel to Sex and the City is coming to an end. In the latest episode of “And Just Like That…”, the creators of the series decided to recreate the iconic image of Carrie Bradshaw from the original series. 

Do you remember the latest episode in which Carrie is waiting for her beloved Alexander Petrovsky in a Parisian hotel in a luxurious Versace dress. By the way, the cost of the outfit is estimated at 80 thousand dollars. 

But in the final episode “And just like that …” Carrie Bradshaw shows the same dress to her new friend and realtor Seema Patel with the words: “Do you want to see something amazing?”. And when the girl asked what she was going to do with him, Carrie replied that she wanted to give it to her daughter Charlotte Lily.

Photo: @sarahjessicaparker

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