Bhad Bhabie has a record to her name. The 18-year-old American rapper already earned 1 million dollars (850,391 euros) in just six hours on the OnlyFans website. 

On the OnlyFans platform, users can offer videos and photos to their followers for a fee. Because it is so private, these are often racy and sexually tinted images. From sex workers, creatives and celebrities. Rapper and internet phenomenon Bhad Bhabie, who turned 18 on March 26, also created such a profile earlier this week. Danielle Bregoli, as her real name, became known for the meme “Cash me outside, how ’bout dah?” after her appearance in an episode of ‘Dr. Phil ‘. Since then she has been trying to make it as a rapper, with songs like ‘These Heaux’ and ‘Gucci Flip Flops’ to her name. 

The decision to create an account on OnlyFans was clearly a good one, because on Thursday she posted an overview of her earnings on Instagram. About $ 757,526 ($ 644,193) in subscribers, $ 267,675 ($ 227,628) she received for sending personal messages, and about $ 5,502 ($ 4,678) in tips. Good for a total of about 1 million dollars. “Not bad for six,” she added. “We broke that record well.” An OnlyFans spokesperson confirmed that Bhad Bhabie did indeed raise over a million dollars in six hours.  

With that, the 18-year-old rapper breaks the record of actress Bella Thorne, who earned 1 million dollars in 24 hours in August last year. At the time, she received a lot of criticism, because she made fans pay for nude photos, but in the end did not completely strip the images. Fans then asked for their money back, which in turn caused a panic reaction at OnlyFans. The platform drew up new rules, allowing users to receive only 100 dollars (about 84 euros) in tip, and a maximum of 50 dollars (about 42 euros) for a PPV (pay per view). In addition, OnlyFans decided that users should wait up to 30 days for a payout, instead of the previous 7 days. By the way, users are ‘only’ allowed to spend 500 dollars (425 euros) per day on the platform. 

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