Over the knee boots are in trend, but many are wary of these shoes. After all, one oversight – and the image will become vulgar. It is important to know how and with what to wear them. Otherwise it will turn out like Vali Carnival.

But Ksenia Borodina chose boots for a meeting with her friends and was not mistaken. But copying an image is not enough. The same bow doesn’t work for everyone. Therefore, the PopCornNews portal asked the fashion stylist Larisa Timiryaeva to explain, using the example of two stars, which jackboots are in fashion this fall and with which clothes it is better to wear them.

“The fashion for over-the-knee boots has returned along with the fashion for cropped outerwear, which opens the way for showing slender legs in the cold autumn-winter season 2021-2022. The fashion favorites are boots with voluminous and even rough soles, a platform that is, as it were, divided into a heel. In general, fashionable shoes are determined by fashionable details: heel, cape, sole, decorative elements.

If we consider two images, then both Vali Carnival and Ksenia Borodina have fashionable models of boots, but now is not the time when specific things were in fashion. Styles, images are in fashion. Therefore, Ksenia has a holistic contrasting image, where everything is worked out, but Vali does not. We need to change the shoulder clothes for more voluminous ones, and the bag too. “

And the best news is that you can wear boots at any age. If the legs are not too full, then monochrome images, where the upper part of the shoe is hidden by clothes (dresses or skirts just above the knee, as well as maxi), will look not only stylish, but also visually make the silhouette taller, which means slimmer.

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